See the Chesapeake & Ohio Trail Mile By Mile

Using some of the latest technology, Bill “WooFDriver” Helman uses a 360° camera w GPS to let you track his journey along the C & O Trail.

 Some clips are as long as 25 miles. While you explore the whole trail in time-lapse, see Bill’s stats for mileage, time, and distance. Stop anywhere along the route and use your finger to turn the camera to look around. You can check out access points and other stops along the way.

 See the dogs’ clocked speeds and watch how they handle the terrain. Notice how Bill coaxes Princess—a retired sled-dog and his oldest dog at fourteen-years-old—to get her exercise before putting her up in the specialized seat he had made for her to safely enjoy the ride.

 Make sure you read the video write-ups for highlights of each trip!