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Allegheny Highlands Trail

Set in one of the most scenic environments, Allegheny Highlands Trail that connects to other trails and regions is 25 miles (40 km) long. The trail follows the route that the West Virginia and Pittsburgh Railway followed previously from Cumberland, Maryland to the Pennsylvania line at the Mason-Dixon Line. The rail line was built in 1884 by Henry Gassaway Davis and one special thing about this trail is the wonderful view of the West Virginia countryside that you get treated to while on it.

While on Allegheny Highlands Trail, you will be in a position to access other avenues such as the Allegheny Highlands Trail of Pennsylvania. This is to the north at the Mason-Dixon Line and Washington, DC by the C&O Canal Towpath to the south. From south to north Allegheny Highlands Trail has an elevation of 1625 ft. which means that riders will be comfortable riding in this particular direction.

This trail also acts as a link for accessing the Great Allegheny Passage from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Washington, DC. and some of the highlights along the trail that have continued to be an attraction to many who frequent the place from time to time include the Western Maryland Railroad that is set in beautiful scenery in addition to the steam locomotive that follows the better part of this route, the Brush Tunnel, the City of Frostburgh, Savage Mountain as well as the 950 ft. long Borden Tunnel.

If you start the trail at Elkins in the south, the route takes an upward ascend for around 15 miles (24 km) and passes by Pheasant and Polecat Knob mountains. For those who would love to take photos, the mountains in the background and views of the rural landscape form a perfect spot for taking these whenever you visit.
When you finally get past the mountains, the downward descend begins, leading to Parsons town. Descending down from the mountains is quite steep and you need to be careful if you brought your bike with you at this spot. Dismounting your bike at this point can be the best idea to avoid any risk of injuring yourself or other trail users.

Once you arrive at Parsons Town, there are many restaurants here where you can spend some time enjoying a snack before you proceed on another exploration expedition along this trail. From here, you will go on to cross the Shavers Fork River using the Western Maryland Railroad Bridge that was restored some time back. Allegheny Highlands Trail then passes through Mill Race Park as it heads for the ramp that leads to the bike lane on Black Fork River Bridge.

The section running along Black Fork River up to Hendricks is paved and there are plans to extend this trail to Mt. Storm Lake on the north and to downtown Elkins to the south. When this is accomplished, the trail will be 44 miles (70 km) long. There are many activities to engage in when one is visiting including walking, inline skating, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, biking, dog walking and mountain biking.

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