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April 21, 2016
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April 22, 2016

Barnum Rail-Trail

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is a nonprofit organization that is doing its best to convert rail lines that have ceased operation in various regions to trails for recreation purposes. More than just learning about the history of the environment, early settlers and other details about a particular rail line, this organization has made it possible for individuals to explore stunning sites and features surrounding various trails.

A total of 1600 rail-trails are supported by Rail-To-Trails Conservancy and all of these have unique characteristics that serve as attractions to various individuals either as retreat sites, or recreation areas where one can engage in several activities. Barnum Rail-Trail is one such trail that is supported by this nonprofit organization.

This trail covers a distance of 4 miles (6 km) and is a popular spot for dog walking. If you have been looking for that perfect place with respect to distance, the setting among other factors where bringing your pet friend will be the best idea, then Barnum Rail-Trail is the place to be. Other than being a great place for such an activity, for those who bring their dogs by, the environment surrounding the trail will be a wonder to behold.

A packed ballast surface is characteristic of this trail’s terrain and one is in a position to explore the Upper Potomac region since this trail follows the North Branch Potomac River. A mountain bike has been suggested as the best option for the terrain’s surface that will also help you explore the terrain better.

The trailhead is located north of Jennings Randolph Lake in Mineral County at Barnum. Contrary to other trails that can be accessed from various points, Barnum Rail-Trail can only be accessed from this point. Here you will find a park with a great view of the Potomac River, ample parking and restrooms as well. For those who do not wish to explore the trail further or have limited time, this is a great spot for recreation.

Individuals are asked to exercise caution on the first mile of this trail when they visit because they will most likely encounter vehicles around here. Once you get past a closed door after the parking, no vehicles are allowed for the next three miles from this point; one will have an amazing view of beautiful hillsides on either side of the river

The trail then heads for the woods from where one can hear the rapids at a distance. The maintained section of this trail suggests that you are yet to get to where it ends and since there is no signage to indicate the end of the trail, once you get to this point, you will encounter a section that is not maintained.

Other than dog walking, there are other activities to take part in. These include walking, biking, cross country skiing, fishing at the amazing Potomac, mountain biking and horseback riding. Though short compared to some trails supported by Rails-to-Trails, Barnum Rail-Trail has a lot to offer in the terms of scenery and the activities that one can take part in.

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