Blackwater Canyon Trail in Blackwater Falls State Park
February 15, 2018
Hoodlebug Trail
February 19, 2018

BWI Airport Trail

Visitors to Baltimore-Washington International-Thurgood Marshall Airport can be forgiven for thinking that the constant hustle and bustle of a major airport would be a poor place for a bike trail. Who wants to ride through the screaming noise of jet engines or the ceaseless airport traffic?

The BWI Trail defies those low expectations, offering a relatively peaceful ride (or walk) along an 11 mile asphalt path. While you can watch the planes take off and land at Andover Park, you can also spend time in the pine forest of Friendship Park, which offers a welcome respite from the clamor of the outside world.

The Trail is accessible to bicyclists, walkers, and those with wheelchairs. Your pooch is welcome, too, although she may prefer the more peaceful areas of the trail to Andover Park.

The BWI Trail connects via spur to the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail, so you can make your visit part of a longer journey if you wish. There is enough to see, though, that it would make a fine stand-alone adventure.

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