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Deckers Creek

This is one of the best places to get in touch with nature and muse over the beauty around you as you take time to jog, go kayaking and any other activity that may be of interest to you at such a place. This particular creek derives its name from one of the early settlers at the place by the name John Decker. He was a European and together with brothers Garret and Tobias, they settled here in the 18th century.

Decker brothers did not get to enjoy life living at Deckers creek because of the attacks they were experiencing from time to time from Native Americans. These Native Americans had been living here for a long time before the brothers came in. However, all was not lost even after this had been experienced. After many years, this creek was finally occupied by Europeans permanently.

By and by as settlement at the creek became possible various changes continued to be experienced and up to this day a lot has taken place already. Part of the changes that have already been experienced at Deckers creek include the construction of the B&O Railroad towards the end of the 19th century, which was put up along the banks of this creek, set up of industries towards the end of the 18th century, among other things.

Today, those who love boating can go kayaking at the creek and this mostly takes place in spring, Friends of Deckers Creek sponsor an annual race in their effort to sensitize various individuals on the need to conserve the environment around, swimming also takes place around Greer and much more. These are just some of the activities that you can engage in at Deckers Creek but are not limited to these.

Opting to run with your dog whenever you visit the creek can be a great experience that you can take advantage of too. Deckers creek starts it journey at Arthurdale and continues flowing taking various directions up to the point where it reaches Morgantown and finally pours into Monongahela River, thereby becoming a tributary of this same river.

Lack of proper disposal of waste and mining activities that are of an extractive nature have had a negative impact on the creek and as efforts to turn it to a recreation site continue, conservation efforts have been put in place and since then, the situation has improved considerably. Deckers creek extends 39.6 km. and the quality of its water has been affected greatly by Acid mine drainage.

Improving on the quality of water is part of what Friends of Deckers Creek are trying to do, which is a conservation team that was established towards the close of 1990 to mind the affairs of the creek. It does this by directing the focus of both the region and the community to the creek and the expectation is that together, efforts to make the environment at the creek better will be realized soon. From Deckers creek you can also find your way to such areas as Marilla Park easily, in addition to accessing food stores and restaurants.

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