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March 14, 2016
Pine Creek Rail Trail
March 22, 2016

Fair Hill NRMA

This was once the largest private owned track of land in the east by one William DuPont Jr. Mr. DuPont an equestrian rider acquired the land for the love of fox chasing and riding which were the main activities he engaged in on this piece of land that is 5,656 acres. It is famous for its natural beauty, unspoiled fields as well as the woodlands found here and it was finally bought in 1975 from the owner by the state.

Today, Fair Hill serves the purpose of ensuring that Maryland’s natural resources are both protected and maximized since it acts as a Natural Resources Management Area in this region. There is an extensive trail system that covers almost 80 miles of the area and this particular trail is served by several blazed trails that are used by equestrians, hikers and mountain bikers.

These trails can also be used by pet lovers who can bring their dogs along and since this is a wide area, you can actually obtain a colored map of the trails available in this area from the park office. This will give you a better understanding of the trails you can use as you bring your pet friend along at a cost of $6, which should be sent in a self-addressed stamp envelop to the park office.

Several amenities have been put up at Fair Hill and there are several activities that take place here including;

  • The Fair Hill Nature and Environmental Center – it has staff that can take students on educational nature tours as well as availing summer day camps for children who have attained the age of attending school.
  • Edward L. Walls Activity Hall – it can accommodate a maximum of 450 people and is based at the fairgrounds. It can be rented for various activities such as wedding receptions, meetings and other events hosted by event planners. This facility has restrooms and a kitchen to serve those who hire it at any particular time.
  • The turf course – this is mainly used for flat races, steeplechase as well as timber course.
  • A pavilion is also available where visitors come in to have picnic lunches every other time. This pavilion is located close to the historic, rustic covered bridge.
  • The fairgrounds serve as a perfect venue to hold the Cecil County Fair every year, which runs for a whole week and about 80,000 visitors attend this particular event.

Other activities at Fair Hill include hunting and there are several options available, which include managed shotgun hunting for the whitetail deer, whitetail bow hunting and raccoon hunting. However, before you engage in any of these, you need a permit and the Fair Hill office offers details about the same.

There is also the Big Elk Creek at Fair Hill is stocked with fish regularly and you can opt for this particular activity only if you are 16 years of age and above and if you have a Maryland’s Angler’s License, in addition to a Maryland Trout Stamp, which you require to be allowed to keep or be in possession of trout.

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