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April 6, 2016
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Kent Island South Trail

This 5.8 miles trail is set in one of the historic places in Maryland and this is Kent Island which happens to be one of the largest in Chesapeake Bay. Being on an island, Kent Island South Trail gives you the opportunity to sample some of the gems of this region making it a unique one compared to other trails that you may find elsewhere.

First and foremost, you will get to understand the geographical setting of this portion of land on which Kent Island South Trail lies. Some of the things to learn are that Kent Narrows separate this island from the Delmarva Peninsula on the east narrowly, while the other side is separated from Sandy Point by almost four miles of water. Sandy Point is close to Annapolis.

The area between Sandy Point and the Island appear to be the narrowest and this is where you find Chesapeake Bay Bridge which you can use to access the island. The other thing that you will possibly learn once you access the trail is that Love Point which is part of Kent Island is where the Chester River ends and specifically at Chesapeake Bay. This is to the north.

The Cross Island Trail had been set up previously and was completed in 2001. Construction works on this trail had begun in the late 1990s and it was specifically meant for biking and walking. However, as it came to completion, there were already complains regarding Route 8 as far as the safety of pedestrians was concerned.

This is what sparked the construction of Kent Island South Trail running parallel to Route 8 all through to the end. Matapeake State Park marks the beginning of Kent Island South Trail. It is believed that before the colonization by Europeans was experienced, Native Americans had already established their settlements at Kent Island and that this had been the case for close to 12,000 years.

Matapeake speakers who are part of the Algonquian nation were the earliest settlers on this island and these are actually the people from which the Matapeake region on this island draws its name. A greater portion of this trail passes through an area covered by trees while the other portion is on an open space.
Apart from that, there are also other attractions along this trail.

These include the Blue Heron Golf Course as well as residential neighborhoods which you come across before the trail finally ends at Romancoke Pier. Kent Island South Trail is a haven for dog walkers who cannot leave their lovely pets behind during such expeditions. This trail is also a perfect place for running and biking.

It is also important to know that, this trail gets busy during peak periods and when this is the case, speed is not an option. This therefore, makes it appropriate for walkers. Otherwise, if you are planning to run on the trail or go biking you may want to identify a time when there is minimal traffic to avoid experiencing a disruption of these particular activities.

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