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April 12, 2016
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April 14, 2016

McDade Recreational Trail

For lovers of a trail with varied terrain experiences, this is the place to be. McDade Recreational Trail has some incomplete sections but when they are finally complete it will be 32 miles (51 km) long. It runs beside a river that gives you a wonderful view of the streams around here and various views of the river a well. The terrain offers a good challenge for bikers and runners who have the opportunity to test their limits.

Views of historical landmarks, the forest and open farm fields add to the beauty of the environment where McDade Recreational Trail is set and this is within Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. A walk on this trail will be the best option to see what the trail has to offer and unwind in the surroundings of a rich environment.

As you journey from Owens Trailhead using Freeman Tract Road, this trail leads you up a sharp ridge, which eventually gets you to the park’s headquarters. Here, there are observation decks from where you can observe wildlife. Basically, the trail is in a setting that has much more to offer than a walk, hike or biking on the trail.

If you opt to start at Hialeah to Owens, the trail is flat passing through former farms and settlements before you get to the ridge that leads to the headquarters. From there visitors are treated to sights of foundations and numerous structures remains on the rolling hills terrain that leads to Bushkill where there was once a thriving community.

Forests and agricultural fields are common to the north of Bushkill Access and this eventually gets you to Schneider Farm where you will have a view of the silo that served the farm in the former days. McDade Recreational Trail then passes between the cliffs and river from Raymondskill Creek leading the way to Milford Beach.

This particular beach has been popular with local residents since the year 1945 as a recreational site. Your leashed dog pet will be allowed here but during late spring and early fall no pets are allowed on this beach as well as Smithfield beach. During the eagle nesting season, the stretch between Pittman Orchard trailhead and Conashaugh trailhead is closed to the public hence, inaccessible.

On the other hand, those who would love to go camping, the Dingmans Campground is available and is the only place along the trail where camping is permitted. Motorized vehicles are not permitted here too hence; you need to be on the lookout for some of these regulations whenever you plan to visit the place.

Other than walking, hiking and camping, other activities you can engage in include cross country skiing, biking and fishing forming a wonderful blend with all you will be able to see when you visit. It is also important to note that some sections on this trail are specifically meant for hikers and this is in the northern part of White Pines Trailhead.

For cross-country skiers, the Eshback Trailhead and White Pines Trailhead section is flat forming the best platform for this particular activity.

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