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April 21, 2016
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April 21, 2016

Mon River Trail South

This particular trail is set in Morgantown which is where the famous West Virginia University is based with its red brick buildings bringing a sharp contrast to the well manicured grass in the region. This institution was founded in 1867 and has been the flagship of the town for a long time. Mon River Trail South is 18 miles (28 km) long and is part of Mon River Trail north and together, they form the longest trail system components.

Mon River Trail South lies on the bed of a branch of the Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) railroad that was used to transport limestone, coke, sand and coal when it was still operational. These materials were moved to various regions including the industrial city of Pittsburgh and the mines of Fairmont on the railroad that existed at the time.

During spring, this trail is covered with wildflowers and this gives the trail something more than just the wild setting in which it is found. These flowers attract many individuals who find them unique and beautiful and this is something you may not find on other trails. However it is important to mention that every trail is unique on its own.

Remains of the coal mines and portions of the railroad can still be identified when you visit Mon River Trail South and this is a sure way of finding details about the history of this area. Shops, hotels and restaurants are available along the way to refresh visitors who check in from time to time to obtain whatever they need.

The other aspect of this trail is that it is welcoming and as a matter of fact, it has not ceased to appeal to many individuals to this day. Over and above that, expansion of this trail continues to connect it to other trails, which means that one will be in a position to experience the difference in specific trails as they explore them more.

Mon River Trail South starts at the southern part and this is at Morgantown where the paved section of Caperton Trail changes to crushed stone. After passing Prickett’s Fort State Park, this trail leads you to a river valley with woods and from here, you have access to a variety of wild flowers, which appear in autumn and spring, scenic views of the river as well as waterfalls which can be traced occasionally.

While on the trail, you can access Fairmont from Prickett’s Fort State Park through Marion County Trail (MCTrail). If you wish to access Mon River Trail North from this trail, you can use Caperton Trail which will lead you to the Pennsylvania state line that is meant to connect with Sheepskin Trail in the future.

Dog walking is a favorite for many who find time to visit Mon River Trail South as they explore this amazing gem. Other activities include cross country skiing, biking and walking. The vastness of this trail gives you more than enough ground to cover, in which case you can choose your best spot along the trail to sit back and enjoy the aura of the environment surrounding you before proceeding.

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