Henry Hudson Trail
The Henry Hudson Trail
February 21, 2016
Deckers Creek
March 14, 2016

Mount Vernon Trail

Though the major activities on this trail are only hiking and cycling, there is a lot to see as you use it. This is due to the fact that the 18 mile trail passes through a number of amazing sites, including the Potomac River on the south, on city streets around the neighborhood of Alexandria and the Gravelly Point from where you can actually see planes landing and taking off.

These are surely sites to behold and if you are the kind that always finds some time to go out, then this trail might just be the most appropriate since it avails you an opportunity to see quite a lot. That is not all; nature lovers have something to be proud about this trail too. The southern side of Mount Vernon trail is covered by trees, offering a wonderful environment where you can rest when it gets hot.

The year 1972 is when this trail was opened and at the time, it was just a gravel path. Today, the trail has further been expanded and it is now paved, though there are some areas along the trail with boardwalk. It is also important to note that most spots on the trail have a winding that is narrow, which means that when the trail is busy such as during the weekends, you need to be careful as you enter the trail from various points spread along it and even as you pass others using the same trail.

Mount Vernon which is just after Mount Vernon Estate is where this trail ends and as you approach this estate, you begin a steep climb towards the mount. For adventure lovers, this is the perfect spot for you and that is why it is appropriate for hiking. If you are cycling, you will actually be required to dismount when you get to certain bridge crossings along the way.

There are also a number of restaurants and shops along this trail and sometimes, you will also find entertainers on the waterside in the form of boating events and water-ski shows. Many individuals love these sports and will not mind taking some time to watch these events as they take place. For others such events could turn out the in thing at the end of the day even though they had other plans especially if these sports are part of their favorites.

Connecting sites to various places that may be of interest to you are also available and an example is the one which allows you to get to the Abingdon Plantation historic site, as well as to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Metro Station through the airport. Mount Vernon trail is one of the re-known trails of the Washington, D.C. Metro area. Mount Vernon Estate and Theodore Roosevelt Island Park are connected by this trail which is associated with the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.

There is just more to Mount Vernon trail than any other ordinary trail and this is part of what draws most people to it at various times of the week.

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