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Pine Creek Rail Trail

This trail that is currently under the management of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is located in the Appalachian Mountains in the north-central region of Pennsylvania. It is 65 miles (105 km) long and has amazing sceneries that catch the attention of everyone that visits the place.
Though the rail that lay on this trail once no longer exists, it formerly served as a means of transport between 1883 and 1988 for coal and finished products from sawmills that had been constructed along this trail. The logging industry was one of the earliest industries in the region and therefore, it became the commercial activity on the bed of this creek.
As the railway line opened, it was Jersey Shore, Pine Creek and Buffallo Railway since it starts at the north of Wellsboro, comes down to Pine Creek Gorge which is also known as Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania and finally ends at Jersey Shore. Some sort of reorganization was experienced in the course of that time and it became New York Central Railroad before it finally became Conrail.
Passengers were also transported on the rail and in 1988 Conrail ended the service leading to the opening of the first section of the trail in 1996. In 2001 an article on Pine Creek Rail Trail appeared on USA Today newspaper and it was mentioned among the “10 great places to take a bike tour” in the world. The gorge overlooking the cliffs and mixed hardwood forest as well as the Grand Canyon being termed “idyllic in fall” were some of the things that this particular article highlighted.
Other things whose evidence of their existence can still be traced along Pine Creek Rail Trail are the numerous trails, roads and bridges that were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression era. Today this trail composed of crushed limestone is appropriate for biking, afternoon excursions as well as long treks.
Pine Creek provides for a multitude of waterfalls, rocky outcrops and during spring you can go canoeing as well as whitewater rafting. In the course of these activities, you might observe beavers, deer, river otters, wild turkeys, hawks and herons in the gorge as well as a black bear, an eagle, coyote or osprey on the hillside.
Horse riding is also common here on a path that runs beside the trail between Ansonia and Tiadaghton and every equestrian that desires to take part in this, should park at the Ansonia trailhead. After rail services ceased in the region, the rail tracks were removed in phases as the trail opened and the recent one was completed in 2007 that runs from Ansonia to north of Wellsboro.
You can also go kayaking or fishing in Pine Creek but it is important to note that the water levels in the creek may vary significantly and it becomes unsuitable for boating. This is simply a spectacular place for each of these activities owing to the scenery and you can bring your dog along too as you jog or trek along Pine creek Rail Trail. Black Walnut Bottom and Bonell Flats are other areas that are along this trail and are specifically suitable for camping activities.

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