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April 22, 2016
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April 22, 2016

Susquehanna Warrior Trail

Located in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, Susquehanna Warrior Trail is famous for being a place where pedestrians and bicyclists retreat to for recreation on various occasions. This trail runs along the Susquehanna River and was established in the year 2005 after which it was open to the public in 2007. The plan on the ground currently is to come up with a trail network that will cover the whole of Luzerne County.

It is believed that this trail lies where the Native American footpath passed through once and Susquehanna Indians were early settlers along the path that this trail passes. This trail had initially started out as old Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western railroad bed and after receiving grants from Luzerne County and Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources in 1995, the Pennsylvania Environmental Counsel commenced plans to convert the railroad bed to a trail.

Later on, the Berwick HWF, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation of Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation funded the project, once plans came to completion in 1998. Construction works commenced in 2005 and thereafter the trail was opened to the public in 2007. In 2001, Tropical Storm Lee hit the trail destroying it.

It was after this storm that volunteers stepped in and saved the situation by repairing the damage that had been caused. Included in the expansion plans for Susquehanna Warrior Trail is a 3 miles (5 km) extension to the north all the way to Plymouth Township and along this route, the trail will follow the old railroad bed. This extension is expected to pass by the Avondale Mine Disaster.

There are also plans to extend this trail to the intersection of US 11 and the South Cross Valley Expressway and at this point, it will connect with other trails close to Wilkes-Barre. To the south, the trail may extend to Berwick and in an effort to prevent illegal dumping on this trail, there are plans to install gates too. Plans to install gates have been there for some time and should have been in place by April 2013 but this did not materialize.

Currently the Susquehanna Warrior Trail is 10 miles long and when the extensions are complete, the whole trail is expected to be 18.5 miles long. You can start on this trail from various points such as the Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL) River-lands Park where you will find a loop path composed of crushed stone, picnic tables, a small fishing lake and playgrounds in the park.

Once you leave the parking area, the trail will lead you to a rail line that is still in use after which for about 1.5 miles you are treated to a beautiful wooded landscape before you show up at the entrance of a private junkyard. After some time along the trail, eating time beckons and from the private area, this trail leads to Shickshinny, which is a great place to dine. From this point, the trail ends at the bridge crossing.

Finding your way back past the bridge is easy and this will bring you close to Susquehanna River from where you can trace the route back to the starting point easily.

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